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tell me how I mesmerize you.


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"Jimin: His image is heavier than the rest of the members
because he is the leader, but his thoughts are deep,
and he takes good care of each member. And he’s a playful hyung!
Jungkook: He is beautiful when he dances.
J-Hope: Sometimes, he is not careful at all, and other times,
he is very careful. This reverse charm!
Jin: He is very scatterbrained. I don’t know how many times
I’ve had to take care of his cell phone and wallet.
Suga: I know how hard it is to be the leader,
and you’ve done well up until now!
V: Your mindset of making sacrifices for Bangtan.
It’s very nice to see. Thank you. "

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"please make everyone shut the fuck up so i can enjoy some peace and quiet. and plese give me lots of food. preferably my mom’s"




"please give me more legitimate swag and make it so i can be in proximity with a girl without having a heart attack…omg just the thought…


Heavens needed two of these wonderful angels and this is why we had to say goodbye to Eunbi and Risae, but they will always live in our hearts. I want to thank Ladies’ code for every single one of their songs, for their devotion, for the love they gave to the fans and for who they are and always be. Let’s always keep these amazing girls in our hearts and minds, all of them, as a whole. We love you, Ladies’ code !


“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.” 

to the ones who lost their lives ( our lovely & pure code, eunbi and risae as well as the driver ): thank you for existing. Through ladies’ code you brought happiness to the hearts of many, and for that lavely’s will continue to love and cherish you. The driver, who also tragically lost his life, thank you for being with our girls until the end. Althoug many of us are hurt and heartbroken about this tragedy, our sympathies lie more with sojung, ashley and zuny as well as the families and friends of go eunbi, kwon risae and their driver. we will love you until forever.


our beautiful, bright kwon risae rest in peace. #RIPRise#prayforladiescode.
Rest in peace unnamed driver


It seems a lot of people don’t give a shit about him, but he’s human too and I hope his family and close ones goes through this hard time like the others who have died but unlike them, he has no fans to pray for him and his family or a tag.

This is probably the only thing I will post that’s related to the car accident.

So it’s not just 1 or 2.

It’s 3 people.

Gone from us are two beautiful souls that were way to young to have left us so soon. But never forgotten are the everlasting memories that they made, not just for themselves, but for us fans as well. We thank you for the love and the memories that you have given us in a time that was cut way too short. Kwon Risae and Go Eunbi we love you and we hope that you will continue to watch over us from above. May you both rest in peace. 

rest in peace, kwon risae. we’ll always keep you and all that you’ve done for us in our thoughts, and we miss you very much. thank you for being the kind, cheerful, and lovely person that you were.

Rest in Peace Kwon RiSe (1991-2014) 


Hyorin’s winning speech today was about Rise. Lets pray together everyone.



Best friends until the end.  #RIPRise #RIPEunB