Someone with a beautiful personality that is always bright, kind, and treats others well, takes cares of others well, gives love to the dongsaengs and gives my loyalty to the hyungs.”

Yugyeom is apologizing because while he was signing that fan’s album, he was talking to someone else instead of her~ 

ChenYeol singing-a-long ♪♫


Leo being cute ㅠㅠ

He wasn’t cute he was sucking up his snot…That’s not cute XD

Jimin's giggles


the-ultimate-kohai: “someone needs to make an audio compilation of Park Jimin’s giggles”

Well, I hope I’ve made your dream come to life. You can thank me later ;D

It feels like I’m living in a dream every day these days
I’m still not used to this kind of life
When I’m with you, the stars twinkle even during the day

Ahn Daniel in 긴 생머리 그